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Inspiring interiors

Eco-luxury blends with graceful living 

by Debby Gomulka


According to the U.S. Green Building Council, there are many true benefits to living in a green home, not the least of which is a healthier lifestyle. Every day, more and more homeowners are discovering these benefits.


Realize your personal best when it comes to maximizing your home’s sustainable potential. Show off your confidence with bold choices and pleasing textures. Mixing old with new — a 300-year old, antique French cupboard paired with a modern piece of art and fabulous rug — pulls a look together instantly while giving any room a unique personality.


Kick off spring by mixing a piece you already own with one or two stunning accessories for a new look. Now is the time to enhance your style and energize your life. It’s time to go green in style.


Green is detail

To retain heat and reduce energy and lighting needs, paint using lighter colors. A measure of the amount of light reflected back onto a space from a surface is called light reflectance value (LRV), which is found on paint color chips at hardware and paint stores. The more natural light you have, the less energy you’ll use.


Yellow is a versatile color. From sunlight to Dijon mustard, this palette grabs attention, works with most design schemes and adds vibrancy to any room.


Deeper colors with a lower LRV — from cool grays, silvers and black to stone colors and golds — can be used as accents and to define certain walls, adding interest and variety.


Paint your dining room ceiling a soft, pink blush hue. When the candles are lit and dinner is served, guests will dazzle from the soft glow of the comfortably elegant room. A hint of orange also is a simple way to energize a dining room with sophistication, elegance and a sense of warmth.


Green is calm

Create a bedroom retreat that calms, centers and energizes. Look for opportunities to showcase souvenirs and family photos, and utilize walls effectively by adding a fresh coat of paint and an interesting piece of artwork.


Another way to enhance a bedroom is to incorporate an oversized, opulent and tufted upholstered headboard, using tone-on-tone colors that touch the ceiling. Relax in all-natural silk or cotton bed linens that caress and pamper.


Green is tasteful elegance

Green design doesn’t have to be boring. Gorgeous silks and cottons, which are naturally occurring fibers, create stunning interiors and complement 200-year old riverwood flooring and countertops, adding up to dramatic and tastefully designed interior spaces.


The key is being able to mix things up — combining antiques with more modern furniture, rugs and artwork — all while reflecting your unique style. 


Debby Gomulka is president of Debby Gomulka Designs, a full-service interior design and decorating firm serving the Triangle and Wilmington areas. To learn more, call (919) 394-4997 or visit  For more green design tips, visit