It’s pickleball, y’all

Posted by wakeliving on 24/12/2016
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Reader Essay: Pickleball, y’all Get a load of this cool sport by Mike Walsh Pickleball? What’s pickleball?” I asked back in February 2010, when my wife, Lyn, and I were vacationing in the Florida sun. Our friend Dede, visiting us from Kansas City, explained that pickleball was a wonderful racquet

Keeping Raleigh cool Couple achieves success with Kona Ice business by Rosie Gillam Richie and Carina Veverka know a good investment when they see one. The former investment company employees turned entrepreneurs decided to purchase a mobile gourmet shaved ice truck three years ago. Today, the fun-loving couple are widely

Take it outside Tips on creating lively and inviting outdoor spaces by Paula Fullerton When the weather becomes warm and sunny in North Carolina, our attention turns from inside our homes to outdoor spaces. Once, these outdoor spaces simply were there to admire a pretty garden or lush lawn. But

Oxygen therapy Continued efforts to improve lives Providers of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, or HBOT, continue to strive to provide innovative advanced therapies to improve lives. Not only do clients gain access to HBOT in a private, luxurious setting to speed healing and recover from chronic illness, but they get to

Fitness: On the mend

Posted by wakeliving on 24/12/2016
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On the mend Coming back from injury is easier when you’re fit by Chris Mitchell, MSW I experienced an acute knee injury last September. It was my first major injury in the 44 years of my very active and athletic life, and a week later my first ever surgery. I

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