An ouchless place for care WakeMed’s focus on keeping its emergency department as painless as possible The WakeMed Children’s Emergency Department in Raleigh is well-known throughout the Triangle as an excellent place to take children requiring emergency medical attention, since staff members provide stellar care in a child-friendly environment. But

Then — and now How weight loss surgery changed one woman’s life After an adult life riddled with type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol, Ann Goldman decided it was time for a transformation. At 276 pounds, her health problems were diminishing her quality of life — that is, until she

Drastic changes ahead How health care reform will impact you The Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act was signed into law March 23, 2010, by President Barack Obama. This law will implement the most significant expansion of governmental control and regulation in the health care industry since the start

Strong core values Area educational institutions share their philosophies by Danielle Jackson Raleigh Christian Academy Raleigh Christian Academy’s philosophy is simple: It is dedicated to serving as an enriching program that is designed to help children build strong character and develop physically, emotionally, and spiritually. “Raleigh Christian Academy students thrive

Wine: A summer in Provence

Posted by wakeliving on 24/12/2016
Category: Culinary Corner

A summer in Provence An exploration of the region’s most versatile wines by Jeff Bramwell First, a point of clarification: This is not a recounting, sad to say, of an actual summer spent in Provence, although I was lucky enough to stop off for a few days last year. Instead,

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