Dyeing to Know:
Summer in bloom

Six must-try trends of the season

by Don Stacy

As the rain and cold disappear and the buds begin to bloom, so too emerges a time of new beginnings. While your hair comes out of hibernation, you can always rely on these six style trends just off the runway when gearing up for summer warmth.

Front and center
The funny thing about a simple center part is just that — it is a simple center part. Therefore, it is one of the most difficult lines to wear. Center-parted hair is edgy and strong and is a perfect style for clients wanting to look a bit polished this summer.

Deep parted
Side parts are supreme as a must-try trend this season. They are an easy style update for clients wanting a subtle change for their look. It’s a dramatic style, but it’s still fresh enough to be suitable for summer.

Color theory
Peek-a-boo highlights perk up hair with unexpected pops of color. It’s similar to the mood ring of the 1970s, but now it’s mood hair for the millennium. Candy and pastels poke through hair this season. Everyone sort of expects that you’ll be somewhat of a rebel.

Bang style
Why not start summer off with a bang? From the “Karlie Chop” popularized by model Karlie Kloss to Michelle Obama’s new fringe, a brow-covering style is the cut of the moment.

Get slick
The necessary ingredient behind the slick tress trend is the same: confidence. It’s definitely a style for the confident women of today and looks as strong on shorter lengths as it does on longer ones. It’s an instant feel of sophistication without much effort.

We aim to tease
Tactfully teased tresses prove that the retro style is just as relevant today. Bouffant is a favorite word in hair; the bouffant is a classic shape that can be styled in many different ways. With all of the geometric shapes in clothing coming back in style this year, it’s a perfect hair shape that complements almost any face shape. Needless to say, summer is the time to go big — or bigger!

Don Stacy is owner of dsParada Color Salon in Raleigh. Learn more about today’s top hair trends by calling (919) 790-1707 or by visiting dsparada.com.