On Trend: Fondue

Some ’70s food trends should stay in the past (looking at you, Jell-O salads), but the customizable, social experience of fondue deserves a comeback! Embracing her passion for creating incredible “Cheeseperiences,” Aya Dorsey — owner of Meat & Graze charcuterie company in Boxyard RTP — provides a relaxed retro experience we can’t wait to dip into.

“For us, there’s nothing like a cool fall night at Boxyard, with the smell of nutty, aromatic cheese scents floating through the pavilion,” she says.

At cozy tables aglow with fondue burners, fondue nights at Meat & Graze offer more than just a meal — they provide a sensory journey.

“Like all of our offerings, our driving force behind fondue nights is community,” Dorsey says. “We pride ourselves on bringing people together to commune over delicious food and build lasting memories with each other.”

Whether you fancy sweet or savory flavors, each dip will delight your taste buds.

“Our savory fondue is a blend of hand-shredded Comte and Gruyère accompanied by baguette, Italian salami and prosciutto, cornichons, salted tomatoes, and an arugula salad tossed in our house-made antipasti dressing finished with Parmigiano-Reggiano.”

Is there anything better than melted cheese? Well, maybe melted chocolate.

“Our sweet fondue is a rich dark chocolate and vanilla blend topped with coarse sea salt. We provide fun dippers like rice crispy treats from our neighbors at BuzzyBakes, dried oranges, butter waffle cookie crumbles, strawberries, and aged cheddar (gotta stay true to the Cheeseperience).” Skeptical? “It’s a delicious combination,” Dorsey promises.

In addition to dedicated fondue nights in the fall and winter months, fondue is available for walk-ins Tuesday through Saturday until 6 p.m. Private fondue parties are available year-round, so assemble your squad for a memorable night of delicious food and conversation!


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