Meet the Team: Lauren Morris, Managing Editor and Creative Director

Would you like to get to know the team at Wake Living a little better? Sure, you can head over to our “About Us” page and read our professional bios, but as a lifestyle magazine, we’d like to connect with our readers on a different level. Here’s a look at Lauren Morris, the woman who makes every issue possible!

Introduce yourself!

Hello! I am Lauren Morris, and I am the managing editor and creative director for Wake Living and Cary Magazine. I was born and raised in a small eastern NC town, Ahoskie, where my family has an over 125-year-old farm.

Favorite food?

I have to say Italian. Chicken Parm, piccata, or pizza — give me all of it, and an extra dose of Tums! Honorable mentions are oysters (in season only), fajitas, and burgers.

Favorite movie?

My all-time favorite movie is Top Gun. And not for the reasons you think! I am no bandwagon follower. My granddad was an Air Force pilot and introduced me, my brother and three cousins to this movie at a very early age. We burned that recorded VCR tape up, and I still have it. As for the sequel, I loved Maverick!

Pet peeves?

How do I answer that without being in trouble? I’m mostly laid back, but it’s annoying when people chew with their mouths open!

The best part about work?

The PEOPLE! I wasn’t ever one for staying at home. I did, but I went back to the office as soon as I could. Seeing people and realizing what you are working for makes a huge difference. My coworkers include people who I consider to be lifelong friends, and I absolutely love working with them in the office or virtually.

Favorite issue?

My favorite issue of Wake Living is the first one after we purchased it. One of the most popular and fun topics to cover is food, and that first issue brought it!

Secondly, the May/June 2023 Readers’ Choice Awards issue. It was such a pleasure to meet the team (furry friends included) at Dirty Dogs, and I knew instantly that Tony Bologna was going to be my cover star.

What’s your definition of a great weekend?

My definition of a great weekend is any time I get to spend with my two nieces, Maddie and Ryleigh. It’s a joy to watch my brother be an amazing dad and my sister-in-love be a great mom. I am just so proud of my brother.

How do you balance managing 17 magazines a year plus events and everything else on your plate?

Well, it’s a constant ‘spinning plates in the air’ game. We plan for the next issues while working on current ones. A beautiful chaotic process is the only way to put it. I could NOT do it without an amazing team that I rely on. From photography, writing, editing, and sales … every aspect is so important. I thrive on making a successful product or event. and that is what keeps me going.

Best childhood memory?

I loved growing up on a farm and not being afraid of a field, pond or anything. But my favorite days are boating and days on the Chowan River, from being a kid and getting away with anything, to flotillas as an adult. I once got picked up in a sea plane right off of the river and went for a flight, Corona in hand! We landed right back on the river and I got back on the family boat.

What’s on your bucket list?

Right now the only thing I really want to do is see Nashville, TN. I love country music and the history — I need to experience that!

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