Winter Safety Tips for Seniors


As temperatures drop, it’s important to protect some of the more vulnerable members of our community. Esther Cromwell, founder and CEO of Avendelle Assisted Living, shares her tips for senior safety this winter. 

**Senior Safety During Winter: Expert Advice from Avendelle Assisted Living** 

As the frosty winds begin to blow, the winter season can present unique challenges for seniors. At Avendelle Assisted Living, we’re dedicated to ensuring that our residents stay safe and comfortable throughout these colder months. Here are some essential safety tips for seniors and their loved ones: 

  1. **Prevent Falls:** Ice and snow mean slippery surfaces. We recommend clearing walkways, using salt or sand, and ensuring that seniors have shoes with non-slip soles.
  1. **Stay Warm:** Seniors are particularly susceptible to hypothermia. Keep indoor temperatures at a comfortable level, and when going outside, dressing in layers is key.
  1. **Healthy Diet:** A balanced diet with vitamin D supplements is vital, as seniors might get less sun exposure during winter.
  1. **Flu Shots and Pandemic Precautions:** With flu season in full swing and potential health risks associated with the pandemic, vaccinations and appropriate hygiene practices are crucial.
  1. **Emergency Kits:** Power outages can be common, so having a kit with essentials, including medications, flashlights, and non-perishable food, is a smart move.
  1. **Check-In System:** Regular communication with family, friends, or a care service, especially during severe weather, ensures that help is available if needed.
  1. **Stay Active:** Maintaining physical activity indoors can help with mobility and overall health. Simple exercises or stretches can be beneficial.

At Avendelle Assisted Living, with our homes on SE Maynard Road, Tryon Road, and the Kildaire Farm community, and with a new Cary location opening soon, we prioritize these safety measures and more, providing our residents with a safe haven during the winter and all year round. 

Home at Avendelle

For more information about our services and communities, please visit our website or contact us directly. Let’s keep our seniors safe and enjoy the winter season with peace of mind. 


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