On Trend: Strengthening Your Body, Mind, and Social Crew

The Social Revolution of Wellness Trending in 2024

This year’s fitness vibe is all about blending exercise with socializing, paving the way for a journey that amps up wellbeing, strength, and your social squad!

I’d like to introduce you to the greatness of Barre-Up! Wrap your bands around your enthusiasm because this movement studio with a social dimension is the path to your mental and physical happiness in 2024. With a mix of traditional and trendy, they offer a diverse number of classes that will keep you and your core engaged!

Barre-Up co-owners Winter Holbrook and Leah Ward have always been on the forefront of fitness trends and have been combining fitness and socialization for years. Even before they became the proud owners of Barre-Up, they were on the search for the trendiest wellness movements. In 2014, their mats ended up next to each other in the trendy Buti Yoga class at Barre-Up, and they became fast friends. In 2017, they had the opportunity to take over ownership of Barre-Up, and they have been empowering fitness enthusiasts ever since.

“We are a movement studio that offers Barre, Pilates, Yoga, Cardio Dance and Strengthening and Conditioning classes — all of which would typically require several different fitness memberships around town to achieve. Because we are always looking to meet the needs of our students, we switched over to a hybrid model during the pandemic that offers both studio and livestream classes, allowing us to further connect with those who no longer live here or who travel for work (or just want to move with us on while on vacation),” Holbrook said.

Where fitness and community meet fashion

At the heart of Barre-Up is the seamless fusion of movement and community. From the enthusiastic instructors to the unique classes held at various venues alongside their studio, Barre-Up has perfected the blend of wellness and community, taking a holistic approach by uplifting students to establish a harmonious balance among their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It’s a community built on a supportive network, empowerment, and cultivating connections.

Barre-Up allows participants to engage in self-care as they build strength, as combining friends with fitness boosts energy levels and mood. In addition to creating healthy habits and a strong body, Barre-Up strives to cultivate connection. Because let’s face it, a vibrant social life complements physical health like a resistance band complements your derriere.

“Whether we’re hosting a class off-site or enjoying a community social, our students have always been the driving force behind our efforts. They are our why! It never feels like enough time before or after class to fully connect, and because we truly enjoy getting to know each other off the mat, socials really help cultivate that need. More recently, we’ve collaborated with Vestique – Cary located at Fenton and Restore Hyper Wellness located in the Village District.

Stronger together — build your social tribe through the shared joy of fitness in barre-up’s dynamic classes.

We have also enjoyed our more recent community service partnership with The Great Raleigh Clean-Up. Getting to know people before and after classes, recruiting friends and friends of friends, co-workers, and really anyone that would let us talk them into coming to try a class is how we organically fostered the community we have. A decade later, we are still firmly rooted in authenticity and meeting our students exactly where they are. Because we are all of them, too! We want to know the people we are moving with beyond just their name on the class roster. We believe in a dynamic and fun approach to movement, along with the belief that there is power in female friendships, so naturally we felt inspired to create a social element that could truly help foster inclusivity and community. The older we get, we recognize the added challenge it can be to form new connections,“ said Winter.

For more information on how to join this amazing movement community visit their website at barreupraleigh.com or social @barreupraleigh.

Barre-Up is conveniently located across from JC Raulston Arboretum in Raleigh.

Big thanks to Vestique for hosting Barre-Up’s energizing POP Pilates® class and for the fabulous shopping. You can shop for their latest trends on their website at vestique.com, via social @vesique,cary or in person at 8 Fenton Main Street, Cary.

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